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submitting a site

  1. Elper

    Important Curlie Opening

    Well, as promised in this announcement and elsewhere on the forum, Curlie is coming out of hibernation! :curlie: We have officially launched the editor application process, which enables people to apply for and be granted editor status. To apply for editor status, please find a category which...
  2. G

    Want to list my website in DMOZ...

    Hello Dear Forum members Hope every one doing good, I need one help from my members , how can i list website in DMOZ website. I have a Real Estate website.
  3. O

    How can I add my site to dmoz?

    Please can someone here show me how I can add my blogging tutorial site to dmoz. I have been trying m7any different ways to achieve this but I can't find a way. Please help me out
  4. P

    not able to submit website.

    hi team, please help to to submit the website, help me. praveen mishra
  5. I

    Is category World/Shqip/Lajme still being edited?

    Hello DMOZ editing team, After, (I think) this time, fully respected the guidelines of submitting a website, I'm dropping you this message to have some information about the concerned category. However, please let me inform you that some of the websites in that particular category are now...
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