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  1. B

    Datos DMOZ en Español?

    Hola! Alguien sabe en donde conseguir los datos de DMOZ, pero solamenmte la parte en Español? Gracias!
  2. B

    DMOZ data in Spanish

    HI, I have 2 questions, is there anywhere, the DMOZ data, but just the Spanish part? If I use these links as a "seed" to do my own web crawling am I still requiered to put the DMOZ copyright on the site? I mean these are just the links, without the description....
  3. M

    How to download rdf data?

    I want to download rdf data of DMOZ. Can anybody tell me how can I download it. Thank you
  4. J

    Broken content.rdf.u8.gz file dated June 05-Jun-2016

    The content file for June 5, 2016 is broken. Decompressing fails with a message saying "Unexpected end of file." The displayed file size on the site is 84 MB, sames as the downloaded file size, which seems too low. I tried falling back to a previous version in the archive folder. But the archive...
  5. Elper

    Curlie Data

    A brief introduction to Curlie (DMOZ) data, the subject of this forum: Curlie Data is currently unavailable due to technical issues, we'll post here when it's back online. What? The content of the directory is available for download in a RDF format... The use of the data is free, but subject...
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