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  1. W

    Sharing some love for Curlie

    Oh boy am I happy to find Curlie! I've been getting rather frustrated lately in that the web has become a boring dystopic waste land of corporate wannabe's, and all of the personal flavor that was supposed to make the WWW fun is being lost. We all knew AOL wasn't the benevolent dictator it...
  2. A

    How do I apply to become an editor? (yes, I read the "Becoming an Editor" page)

    I tried following the instructions to become an editor, but I can't find the correct icon by the category I was trying to apply for; instead there was another, similar icon was in its place. I tried clicking on the icon and it just took me back to the "Becoming An Editor" page. Any ideas as to why?
  3. G

    Wants to be an Editor for New Zealand

    Hi Everyone, Its really good to know you guys working hard to provide finest directory and I would be glad to join in. I would be glad to know more regarding how to join as an editor in NZ.
  4. K

    Re-suggestion after review?...

    Hi there... just a quick query or two: Is it usual practice for a site suggestion to be removed/deleted once a editor has reviewed it? If so (understanding it would be impossible for a 'suggester' know for sure if it had been deleted), is it then reasonable to re-suggest it? The reason I ask...
  5. tonyloco

    Nuova riattivazione profilo e accesso al forum

    Ciao a tutti, dopo qualche tempo, ho deciso di farmi riattivare il profilo da editor e di contribuire in maniera più efficiente (una sorta di voto in pratica). La riattivazione è avvenuta con successo e ora non riesco ad accedere al forum ufficiale, nemmeno contattando uno dei meta. Ne sapete...
  6. D

    Editörlük Başvurum ne durumdadır ?

    Merhabalar dmoz.org a asimcan kullanıcı adıyla editörlük başvurusu yaptım acaba son durumumu öğrenebilir miyim?
  7. R

    No response to application: agriculture in Africa abandoned?

    Dear DMOZ Team I submitted a resource to this category: dmoz.org/Regional/Africa/Business_and_Economy/Agriculture/ and after seeing that it was being neglected, I volunteered to help with editing, however, I've not had any response or feedback. Email received and verified: "allow us to verify...
  8. J

    Me Gustaría Ser Editor

    Bueno me gustaría ser editor, pero no se en que apartado debo de poner esta peticion, asi que si me echais un cable yo muy agradecido, muchas gracias
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