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  1. Elper

    Important Curlie Personal Pages

    It's official. After months of work, these new features are now available... 1- the ability to organize your favorite categories and sites on your own personal page 2- the ability to share a public version of your own personal page 3- the ability to have a map of your hometown on your public...
  2. Elper

    New Features on Curlie

    We've added a new feature on our public pages; Sort... It's a toggle on the right of each category page and so far has two positions: Sort Alphabetically (this is how DMOZ/Curlie always sorted the listings, operates on the Title of the site) Sort by Review Date (this new means of sorting places...
  3. Elper

    Important Curlie Opening

    Well, as promised in this announcement and elsewhere on the forum, Curlie is coming out of hibernation! :curlie: We have officially launched the editor application process, which enables people to apply for and be granted editor status. To apply for editor status, please find a category which...
  4. R

    How to submit my site under Curlie?

    Hi Friends, anyone knows proper process to submit website under Curlie. As Curlie does not approve all websites and consume a lot of time to approve.
  5. A

    Can we suggest our website to curlie ?

    Hi, we Agence Juridique a start-up based in Paris. We offer to contractors legal formalities in order to permit them to open their business in only 48h hours ! we would like to know if we can suggest our website to curlie ?
  6. hghuebscher

    DMOZ/ODP ist Curlie - Wo finde ich was ?

    Hier im deutschen Teil der RZ sind mir ein paar Fragen aufgefallen, die ich als Editor und Besucher der RZ kurz zusammenfassend beantworten möchte, ohne eine noch folgende offizielle Vorstellung vorweg zu nehmen. Seit Mitte März 2017 ist das ehemalige DMOZ - Verzeichnis / Open Directory...
  7. D

    Curlie : comment devenir éditeur

    Bonjour à tous, Tout est dans le titre. Bonne journée !
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