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    Status of my application

    Hi all Can someone advise the status of my application please. My details are as follows The category is Top: Regional: Africa: South Africa: KwaZulu-Natal: Durban: Travel and Tourism (31) The editor name I used was gollmarc And the date I submitted was 20/04/2016 Thanks, Marco
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    Status Request 14th April 2016

    Hello, I made an application to your directory on 01/07/2016 (January 7th 2016) on this particular category: Business Investing Commodities and Futures Precious Metals :Silver Thanks for the confirmation email that was sent quickly. However, I would like to be aware of what happened to it...
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    Application Status

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    Application Status

    Hi, I have applied on 5 Sep; can someone update the status please email: <removed for your privacy>
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