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Mar 26, 2002
To All ODP Editors,

I just want to say that no matter how much people complain, your great (brown-nosing not intended). I have my company listed in a “very” regional category and then it was explained that it is possible to be listed higher up the chain. I had noticed some of my competitors that cover the same area listed up higher, so I applied to the same category two days ago. Much to my surprise today I checked I was not listed in the category, but in the “MAJOR” category above. This category even shows “no editor”. They also were very honest and direct with my description as they were with my previous entry. My first entry also had “no editor”, but I was listed overnight. I believe a lot of what peoples problems are getting listed is brought on by themselves (re-directs, pop-ups, spam, and link farming). Just wanted to say something nice since most of the time you hear only the complaints.

Thanks Again /images/icons/smile.gif

I do appriciate the good word, and more importantly the good feeling behind them.

Thank you.
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