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Which is the best category for me to submit to?

I have submitted our contact lenses site to https://curlie.org/Shopping/Health/Vision/Contact_Lenses/ but I know that this category has not changed for a long time. I was wondering if our chances of a quick inclusion in the ODP would improve if I submitted to https://curlie.org/Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Business_and_Economy/Shopping/Health_and_Beauty/Vision/ due to the fact that it is a smaller category, and we are based in the UK? The https://curlie.org/Shopping/Health/Vision/ category and all categories beneath it are missing an editor, so I can imagine that the backlog is substantial. Do you have any recommendation as to which category I should submit to, in order to have the best chance of getting a quick listing? Albert


Mar 8, 2002
Hi, Your site is in the queue for the Shopping/ category you indicated. There are only about 23 sites waiting there, but the Shopping/Health branch is seriously behind in other areas and has been undergoing some reorganization. Hopefully a local editor will be able to get to the contact lens category soon.
As your company is physically based in the UK and there is an address on the site you absolutely qualify for a listing in the Regional branch. Your chances of being listed there quickly are higher than in Shopping/ , and you would still qualify for an additional listing in the Shopping branch.


That is fantastic news, and what an excellent description! /images/icons/smile.gif I am very grateful to whoever took the time to review my web site so quickly.

I didn't know that I could submit to two categories. That is interesting, and I can imagine it is helpful with certain search engines. Should I re-submit our web site to the original category since it was now listed in another category?

Thanks again.


Curlie Meta
Feb 28, 2002
>>Should I re-submit our web site to the original category since it was now listed in another category?

No. It just gets added to the queue again, and honestly it would make no difference. Hopefully it would get added soon. /images/icons/smile.gif

Thanks yklaw,

I will just wait and hope then. Anyway, it's no big deal if it takes 6 months; I see it as a bonus that we can have the site listed in two categories. /images/icons/smile.gif


I co-manage a large MSN community. Is it permissible to submit it for listing on the Open Directory?

Peter =^_^=

Hi, Peter,

We have quite a few MSN communities listed. Try to find the best possible category, and submit a description according to the guidelines, and you ought to be okay.
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