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What's up with Chefmoz.org ?


Feb 21, 2010
OK ... it has been down for over a year. Can we say that it is a dead duck and the powers that be don't really care about that project anymore?


Curlie Meta
Oct 8, 2002
The powers still care.
But they have limited resources available and those have been spend on DMOZ.


New Member
Jan 26, 2011
The site came up for me just now. Looks good. :)
It may look good, but it's an obsolete version from 2007. All data added after 2007 (representing literally thousands of person-hours) has been lost.

Most important, the site isn't functional. You can see an existing (i.e., 2007) restaurant listing; however, you can't add a restaurant, add a review, update restaurant information, etc., etc., etc.

I'm extremely ticked because it displays some personal information that I intentionally deleted; it got put back when the site reverted to the 2007 data, and there seems to be nobody I can contact to get it removed. I'm about ready to send a cease and desist letter to AOL.


RZ Admin
Mar 1, 2002
Planet Earth
Hi all:

I'm sorry to say that we've confirmed that ChefMoz is dead. Because AOL has limited resources, they chose to devote them all to dmoz.org rather than chefmoz.org, which is a sensible though very sad decision.

The only thing they could say was that perhaps at some point they might have the resources to develop it, but that sounds like a long shot.

I guess this doesn't come as much of a surprise, considering it's been so long already that we've been unable to do anything. But hearing it confirmed is still hard. :(


Curlie Meta
Apr 30, 2002
Not unexpected, but still sad to hear that. *Off to remove a few chevmoz tools form his server*
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