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What can I do if there is no editor?

I've been trying to get Advanced Packaging Group, www.apgcases.com listed among our competitors in Top/Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Packaging/Containers/Carrying Cases & Shipping Containers. Recently resubmitted the site for review to Top/Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Packaging/Distributors/Containers also to no avail.

Someone suggested I climb the heirarchy of the directory and find editors. One responded, was more interested in finding out about these threads. I guess the question becomes who can I contact to see about kicking in this site?


Mar 26, 2002
Your site is still waiting in that category for review. There are many other sites also waiting - the category is backlogged so it might be a while before you are listed.

I looked for a company mailing address or physical location of your business to see if I could get you into the proper Regional category just to get you listed - if there was not a big backlog there also - but that information is not on your site.

The best thing to do is wait and if you want to email someone you just email the editor of the category and if there is no editor just keep going up the category tree until you find one to email.

Hope this helps

We're located in Memphis, TN and basically serve Nashville, Memphis, St Louis regions for the most part. Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it.
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