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Website not including footer to mirror ODP data


Aug 2, 2005
I know, I'm being a snitch :D

Anyhow... I stumbled upon www. anywhere.ca . It's supposed to be a directory but it's in fact using the ODP data ( https://curlie.org/Regional/North_America/Canada/ ) in its national directory without including the footer at the bottom of its pages, as required by the ODP licence.

I thought that people should give credit when it is due.


Mar 5, 2005
What about this?

Alright. Lets say for instance that a site is accepting their own submissions, and listing them on the pages within the dmoz directory structure. Once a certain number of unique submissions are available, is it possible to remove the dmoz data (just the dmoz listings), keep the directory structure, and remove the attribution links on those pages only?


Curlie Admin
Nov 13, 2003
You would have to either consult a lawyer for an opinion, or play it safe and specifically ask for permission from AOL legal to use the category structure without the attribution.

My personal opinion is that the category structure would indeed count as "ODP data" since it's contained in the structure part of the RDF dump. Its use, even without ant of the listings, would therefore be subject to the Open Directory License and hence require the attribution links.
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