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Sep 30, 2007
Good morning dmozians,

hope everyone is well out there.

Over the past few month I have building up a dmoz mirror enriched with del.icio.us informations.

Since links posting are not allowed here, which makes sense, if you are interested search for wectar to find the site I am talking about

While this in itself wouldn't be a reason to post here, I have inculde one feature which might help dmoz editor.

When you browse a category, you can see which del.icio.us tags are popular within this category. Below that tag cloud you can see a link unromatically called "Click here to see wectar listed web pages with similar del.icio.us tags"
Clicking on it has the described effect and the resulting list might help dmoz editor to find out more about the inner strucuture of the dmoz directory, might help for restrucutring of the directory and so on and so forth ...
While most listed sites after clicking the link are in most lieklt form the same category or some sub category, there seem to be always some sites listed in other parts of dmoz popping up.

The described del.icio.us tag cloud is ony displayed when the respective category has been displayed at least once (since the start of wectar), so if you can't see it just reopen the same page. And of course some of the sites listed must be tagged at del.icio.us

So I hope this feature might help dmozians, any suggestions highly appreciated.

Have a good time

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