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Using ODP Cat Structure

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Hello folks,

I have heard about the "attribution" in regards to using ODP data, no doubt this helps Google flag all those dupes <img src="/images/icons/wink.gif" alt="" />

I was wondering what the situation would be in regards to using the DMOZ cat structure.

What I had in mind is to use the structure from one 2nd tier category downwards. (science/biology)

I'm not 100% wanting to use it purely because of its structure "as is"....but also to help rank sites within a search by taking the categories and the category titles into context, alongside things like link pop from sites in similar categories etc.

Can someone please help clarify what the ODP stance would be on using part of its category structure.

Many thanks for any help given.
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Mar 23, 2002
Contact staff@dmoz.org . They've given permission for that before, and seemed pleased to do it. But I don't think we can give permission, and I don't think the public license is clear on that point.
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