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I have submitted my site to the open directory and it appears under Health/Alternative/Nutritional supplements. My question is that when I do a search on DMOZ it does not come up in the results. Why does DMOZ not know the site is there?




Apr 2, 2002
Hi Tony -
The basic answer is that the search engine on the dmoz.org site runs on a search index which is normall regenerated from the directory data about two times a week. It is currently undergoing maintenance, and has not been updated since Mon Apr 8 18:28:53 PDT 2002 . You can see this date at the bottom of the search results page. If your site was added since then (as is very likely the case), it will not be in the current index used by the search engine.

When the search engine maintenance is complete, and a new index is available, your site should become available. For now, as long as the site is in the appropriate category, you're all set, just sit tight.

They are making some rather large behind-the-scenes updates to the onsite search engine, from what I gather.

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