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Update URL: No Action

Monthly, for I think two or three months, I have submitted updates for two websites in Health: Weight Loss. I posted here before and it was suggested that I write a nice e-mail to the category editor. I did with no result.

Is there a FAQ somewhere telling a person what to do when no action is taken on an update they submit? I think this would be helpful.

Maybe the editor's on vacation. How long should I wait? (I don't know what to do next, anyway.)

Should I re-submit?

A further complication is that my website has changed some more and I have an even new description to submit. But I don't want to appear to be spaming.

Are all my previous submissions waiting to be reviewed? Or do they go away after some period of time?

I think you get the idea... I just don't know what to do. I am grateful for ODP and all the editor's work and don't want to be a bother for anyone.

Many thanks for your suggestions,



Curlie Meta
Mar 26, 2002
While looking into this for you, I went ahead and processed the updates that were waiting, including yours.

Thank you very much.

I don't make changes that would affect my listings often, but I do have updates since my last URL update. So the one just done is not current. (I was afraid of spaming!)

Anyway, thanks for your help and within 30 minutes I will submit my latest changes to Health: Weight Loss

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