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The Horseless Carriage Library is in the wrong catagory. How do I get it moved?

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Sep 20, 2012
I help the HCFI Library and noticed that it is in the "Recreation: Autos: Enthusiasts: Antique: Clubs" category. The HCFI Library was a part of the Horseless Carriage Club but split off as a separate entity in 1985. How do I get the HCFI Library moved to a different category?

I'm not seeing a "perfect match", perhaps Reference: Libraries: Research or a new category : Reference: Libraries: Subject Specific: Automotive.

The Library's mission is:
HCFI is Dedicated to making automobile research and restoration information readily available to hobbyists, restorers, and scholars world wide.

Since this would be a new sub category it wouldn't have an editor. I know of several Automotive Research Library's that could be included, several of which I and my family are members of. It would be useful to include: HCFI.org, the Nethercutt Library & Museum, the National Auto museum / library in Reno (originally the Harrah's Collection museum), and others that might be valuable to scholars and auto enthusiasts alike.

I would be willing to volunteer as editor of this category.
Thanks for considering my request to recategorize the Horseless Carriage Library.


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Sep 15, 2004
At the top of the category where the site is currently listed, there is an "Update Listing" link, which allows you to suggest changes to a listing (use the same URL as listed in the category).
Next to this link is one to apply to be an editor - Reference/Libraries/Subject_Specific is too wide in scope for a new editor, so the option is not available there.
Best would be to chose a subcategory (or a smaller category elsewhere) to start with, then apply for the larger area when you have some experience.
The creation and/or reorganization of categories is conducted by editors on our internal forums and is essentially fuelled by having a sufficient number of sites to list.
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