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May 14, 2004
I second what @Robert Sumner said here.

I've been using DMOZ on and off since about 2001, made some suggestions on this forum with my registration in 2004, but study, work and a failed application as an editor didn't see me contribute much further.

However, just like Robert and others here, I've always thought there was much potential in a human-managed directory, if only it could've been better organised. Every end, is a new beginning and a new opportunity to learn from the past. Just like Wikipedia is best because it's human-edited, a directory created and maintained by humans is still vastly superior to AI and ML these days (hear that zvelo.com?). Any technology can and should only be an extension to what humans build. Anyway, I digress…

If there's any legacy from DMOZ, it's that it helped me in the past to organise my own local directory/folders of my documents. And, whenever I needed to expand it, I consulted DMOZ on ways to categorise the files. I'm still using that organisation nowadays.

I'm writing this to encourage the community of editors, mods and admins to continue the legacy, but also to create something even better.
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Oct 12, 2002
Thanks for your imput. It is very important for us in order to rebuild the project.
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