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Text-only ODP link?

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I am attempting to start a new volunteer online project with nowhere near the scope of the ODP. One of the things I will have listed on some of the pages will be text only links to various sites I have found useful.

At a higher level than the individual links, I want to list links to different online databases and naturally thought of the ODP first.

Would there be any problem with having a text-only link to the ODP Computer tree? If not, what is the preferred URL? If so, what would be the proper procedure to list just a link and not the actual information?

The site is located at: PCTalk
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Curlie Meta
Apr 30, 2002
Maybe some thoughts on this:

1) Linking to ODP in general is allowed (would be quite stupid anyway to forbid this <img src="/images/icons/smile.gif" alt="" /> ) by the license as long as you ...

2) ... provide the appropriate footer. If you just link to ODP this should be formally correct, otherwise ODP wouldn't match its own terms of license :)

3) You maybe could mention the ODP in the link text, maybe "Sites about XYZ (ODP)" or something similar, but that's just an idea from me <img src="/images/icons/smile.gif" alt="" />

4) I do not see any need by reading the license, but if you want to be absolutely sure you could make the link open on top and not inside a frameset <img src="/images/icons/smile.gif" alt="" />
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The link will be almost exactly like:

Open Directory Project Computer Tree

There will be no footer, no graphics, nothing but the single link since I will be listing many things on the same page and do not wish to go to that "expense" for the other links as well. My primary question I guess is, should I link to dmoz.org or is there a better location to link to?

There are no "frames" on the site at all. I detest frames and would not want to use them on any site I was involved with. PCTalk.info is there to help people if they want it, not to trap them.
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Curlie Meta
Apr 30, 2002
So I would guess there shouldn't be a problem. At the very moment entries from the directory are displayed (_after_ clicking the link) the user changed to ODP. <img src="/images/icons/smile.gif" alt="" />
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Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
Lemme see, is the response "you deeplink to our site and we'll have you in court before you can say 'Dallas Morning News'?"


The ODP license is for people that COPY ODP data, which for lightly-trafficked sites makes less sense (IMO) than simply linking. There are no requirements at all for linking. I believe this even includes linking in your own subframe.

If these terms are too onerous for you, you can link to directory.google.com and deal with their lawyers. What are THEY going to say? "No, you lowlife, we don't need your stinking linkpop? Go link to AOL's directory?"

I think not. We, like, DO links. You can link too; it's an open web (at least in the U.S. so far. )
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