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Suggeting a new site, not live ??

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Feb 20, 2008
Dear Respected Members and Editors of Dmoz,
I had submitted a site { I will not give url here } in Kids and Teens: Sports and Hobbies: Drawing and Coloring: Printable Coloring Pages CATEGORY. It had passed a month I think but still not live. So, please could anyone tell me why its not live ? I had searched whole guidelines and categories than submitted to this category as I thought this is the right one.
<url removed>

So, please let me know at earliest as I think all kids are waitng for the listing. Also, let me know if I suggested in wrong category, please suggest a new right category to me. This will be a great help. Thank You everybody in advance !!
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Mar 28, 2003
The site will be reviewed when an editor decides to work in that category; there is no way we can possibly tell when that will happen because all editors are volunteers and edit on their own time, where they want to within the range of their editing permissions.

We don't discuss specific sites here, but if the editor sees that the site belongs in a different category, s/he will move it there. You don't need to do anything more, and please note that suggesting your site again can cause the review tile to take much longer.

You'll find more information about site suggestions, review times etc in this forum's FAQ.
Jun 18, 2008
I will Volunteer to Edit it soon, Right now I just signed up for another, I will sign up on Monday, is that soon enough? ;) Well, be patient please, I will sign up soon. Thanks for your patience!
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