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Submitting Updates

I occasionally change the descritions of my websites to reflect changes in their content. Sometimes I even change the titles.

In March I submitted two updates but changes in the Directory have not taken place.

In general, how long should we wait before we submit a change request for the second time? Or should we?

Many thanks for ODP. My websites are found through a great number of search engines because of ODP.


Updates are handled in the same way as new submissions. Like a new submission it might take time. You might want to send a friendly email to the editor of the category and ask them if they could look into it for you.

Sounds good, but I've looked around and can't seem to find a list of editors. It's for Health/Weight Loss.

Thanks for your patience,


The list of editors is at the bottom of the category page. Click on the editor name and then use the feed back button. If no listed editor go up one category and email one of the listed editors there.

This is reminding me of when my dad would get made because he would send me to the garage to get something. I could never find it... then he would walk in and pick it up. And THAT was 50 years ago! Haha... just laughing about it.

Anyway, I have looked at many categories and can't find a single editor listed. Can you give me one to look at as an example?

I guess I should just go to Health/Weight Loss and click on Feedback. There isn't an editor listed for Health either.

Thanks in advance,


Back to the garage, Pete!

Scroll down in Health/Weight Loss until you see a lizard in a parachute. Look right above. There's a little blue box with "walts" in it. Click on that to contact him.

Oh, this is embarrassing.

I was looking at the NationalDirectory website which uses ODP data.

Thanks Dad
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