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Submitting diverse sub-pages

I have a client http://www.cartech.com who's home page is already listed within the directory, however we've been working with the sub-pages of the site and trying to get those into the directory. Each of the sub-pages are different divisions of the company, each providing very different industrial services. (I have listed the urls for those sub-pages below.) After no sucess in getting the individual pages listed in categories without editors, I spoke with an editor of a broader business category. In his opinion the sub-pages were not unique enough and suggested that we request a change in description to the home page listing (which is found here: https://curlie.org/Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Materials/Metals/) to incorporate the descriptions from all of the sub-pages. The problem here is obviously trying to incorporate descriptions for 5 pages with the limited description length, since all of the divisions of the company are diverse. Does anyone here have any suggestions as to how I might be able to get these pages listed individually?



Curlie Meta
Feb 28, 2002

we do not list products, we list websites. Your site is listed and adequately described in .../Materials/Metals. How our user would benefit from inclusion of all pages from your catalogue separately? I am not a /Business editor but IMHO the only place outside .../Metals where I would consider additional listing is /Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Materials/Ceramics where one of your ceramics pages would probably fit.

From ODP Guidelines:

"Deeplinking an URL
Deeplinking is the process of adding links to sub-pages within a site. In the vast majority of categories and branches, deeplinking is the exception rather than the rule. Deeplinks should offer content that is unique and extremely useful to a particular category. (...) Ultimately, all deeplinking decisions are subject to staff approval."


Curlie Meta
Mar 27, 2002
Just to add to what wladek said, also included in the guidelines.

"Product Listings
... The purpose of the ODP is not to replicate the individual listings of an online shopping catalog..."

This includes sites offering services/products on different pages of their site (not just huge shopping sites).



If, for example, you were a large company like GE, then you would be justified in having several deeplinks - one for jet engine turbines, one for refrigerators, etc.

However, even GE would not get a listing for each type of refrigerator or even appliance.
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