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Submitted to a wrong category

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Feb 6, 2006
Hi, I submitted to Kids and Teens: News: Magazines and E-zines when I should have submitted to Kids and Teens: School Time: Social Studies: Magazines and E-zines. The url is <URL removed>, I don't know if I've been turned down or not, but that is not why I've posted. Do I have to resubmit?

I chose the category absentmindedly (sorry). On a side note, ChickaDEE probably should be in Kids and Teens: Entertainment: Magazines and E-zines.
Apr 5, 2004
In general, you are asked to choose the ONE most appropriate category, but a second suggestion is only a problem if you make a habit of it. So if you have found a more suitable category for your site, it is OK to suggest it there.

There is no guarantee this will cause it to be reviewed sooner, of course.

And thank you for pointing out a misplaced site. :)
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