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submit, resubmit, write to the editor, whats next? *DELETED*


Mar 25, 2002
Yorkshire, UK
Re: submit, resubmit, write to the editor, whats next?

This has been deleted each time because it is an affiliate of http://growerflowers.com/ . We do not allow sites that contain mostly affiliate links in the directory.

> http://www.digiportmiami.com/

This is listed in (URL shortened) as of 21st April 2002

> http://www.befirst.com/

This has been listed in (URL shortened) for a long time.

> http://www.best-products-seen-on-tv.com/

Has been declined twice for being an affiliate site.

> http://www.quadra-tek.com/

Listed in https://curlie.org/Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Polymers/Contract_Processors/Molders/Injection since 22nd April 2002.

> http://www.ladybrown.com/

Listed in https://curlie.org/Regional/North_America/United_States/Kansas/Business_and_Economy/Construction_and_Maintenance as of today.

> http://www.nuinfotech.com/online_training.htm

Deleted for being a MindLeaders site.

If you have any question about the above, please reply.


Re: submit, resubmit, write to the editor, whats next?

Google comes up with around 65 affiliates for the main flower site doing key word search...

Also, the doing a key word search on "colocation and data center" shows that the 2nd one is also an affiliate - one of around 50.
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