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I note that a category I that submit to (unsuccesfully)requires an editor,does this suggest that I am wasting my time!


No category is ever really unedited. Every editor above it in the hierarchy, as well as every editall and meta-editor, can edit the category. Of course, a category is likely to be edited more often if it has someone specifically attending to it.

Thanks for the reassurance,like many others I have been submitting to the travel destinations category for about twelve months (most recently about three weeks ago).
the site chateaudugarros.com did have some faults in its links and I wonder whether this would have predjudiced its inclusion, these have now been sorted hence the resubmission - a progress report would certainly be encouraging.
The Forum is very stimulating and very welcome.
Regards, Don.


Curlie Meta
Mar 7, 2002
Hang in there. /images/icons/smile.gif I can tell you that the Rec/Travel categories as a whole have been undergoing some revamping and organizing. It could be that the local editors have put processing their submission queues on temporary hold while things get straightened around. Someone will get around to processing it eventually.
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