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I've entered my site: www.antiqueradioschematics.com, monthly for several months now and have yet to be included. Am I not being patient enough or is there a problem with my site that is preventing my being listed?

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What category have you been submitting it to ?

BTW Monthly submissions is not a constructive way of getting your site listed, it just causes more work for the editors and may in fact have a more detrimental effect. I suggest submitting at most every 3 months.

I think that I might have been submitting to the wrong index. I've been submitting to Recreation/antiques/radios and I should have been submitting to shopping/antiques/radios. I wasn't aware that 3 mo. intervals were better than monthly, either.

Generally speaking it usually takes far longer for a site to be reviewed when it is missubmitted then when it is appropriately submitted. Basically because it takes 2 or more editors to place a site which was inappropriately submitted.

So now you have to wait for one editor to move it then another to review it. However, for efficiencies sake, I'd submit your site to the most appropriate category, and then have patience as we're experiencing a robozilla run and shopping is a tad backlogged at the moment.

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. I feel as if I know a little more than I did earlier.
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