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Stuck and can't get out

My site was originally submitted in January (I think) and stuck in a category for shopping "Top: Shopping: Publications: Seniors" which would be fine except for there is no shopping at all on our site and we didn't put ourselves there. The title was also misspelled although that certainly could be a typo on our part as well.

The problem is that I've submitted update requests since the site's original inclusion but there is no editor listed there or the category immediately above it. I tried submitting to other categories but I think editors are seeing where we are listed right now and rejecting it automatically as an attempt to go where we don't belong.

Can anyone advise a way to get out of this unmanned corner and into a proper category like Top: Society: People: Seniors? Your advice would be most welcome.

You're right - since your magazine is entirely online, and you aren't selling subscriptions or anything else, you don't belong in Shopping.

I moved the site over to Society/People/Seniors/News and Media , where the other online magazines are listed. Also I changed the title to "Senior Mag", since that's the title of the site.


Mar 28, 2002
Sorry about that. Once categorized, sites are often not recategorized, and the "Update URL" form backend-- what editors see-- is poorly suited for your type of request, since only the editors of the current category see it.
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