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Mar 26, 2002
Since your site does not have address information (I could not find it) it has been moved to a different area and is currently awaiting review. Unfortunately the category it is waiting in is a little bit more backed up than the category you submitted to so I advise that you just be patient a little longer. Give it one more month - if you are still not listed post back and let us know.

Could you provide a few more details?

Does the missing address mean the physical location of our business? If so it may be of note that I applied again this week making sure to fill in all details appropriately.

To what category has it been moved?

Thanks for your help.



Mar 1, 2002
It looks like your store is purely an "online" type of affair, which is fine. However online stores go into the UK Shopping categories, not into their physical localities.

If you do have a physical storefront on the Isle of Wight, or if you offer some type of services through a non-online medium, then the best way to get listed in the Isle of Wight category, is to put a physical address in your contact info.
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