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I haven´t had any luck with the listing of my website (http://rom.8k.com), although I have followed all the guidelines and instructions and submitted to the appropiate category for the past 9 months!!!

I believe that my site would represent a relevant result for anyone that is trying to find a spanish language translator. It is already listed in About.com and Ask Jeeves which also have strict editorial policies.

I would really appreciate any help in order to have my site included in the Open Directory. Thank-you in advance for your time!

Best regards,
Rodrigo Ortiz-Monasterio Q.
Spanish Translator & Copywriter


Mar 1, 2002
What category did you submit it to? As far as I know, it hasn't been reviewed yet.

Thanks for your quick reply!

I submitted my webiste to the following category:

Top: Business: Business Services: Translation Services: Single Language


Mar 25, 2002
That category was recently taken on by a new editor and is currently undergoing a reorganization (along with a few others in the parent category.) This will probably take a while because they have to sort all the sites into the new structure. I would recommend continued patience, because the category is finally getting some attention.

Thanks for your reply!

Is there any way I can contact the editor to have my site noticed?

Patience is what I have shown... 9 months of it to be exact!



Mar 25, 2002
If you look at the bottom of https://curlie.org/Business/Business_Services/Translation_Services/ you will see the editor's name listed. Follow the link to his profile and email. Politely explain the situation and that you were told the category was being reorganized and ask for status.

Don't expect that he will just list your site, but he might be able to set priorities so that the final topic your site will fall into gets done first. Also, don't expect that he will necessarily give you any reply. Different editors have different personal policies about contact with submitters.

Hope that helps.
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