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A couple of months back I posted my site in Computers > Consultants > Databases. I waited, sent an internal email, then resubmitted but to a more precise category - Regional > Europe > United Kingdom > Business and Economy > Computers > Software - thinking I may have entered too broad a category (even though much of my business is conducted across the web). Could some kind soul let me know how the submission is progressing. Thanks.


I looked at the categories you submitted to. Computers/Consultants/Databases is heavily backed up. (Computers, Shopping, and Business are the areas most commercial sites are submitted to, so they often have a long wait.)

Regional/Europe/United Kingdom/Business and Economy/Computers/Software has 99 sites in unreviewed, so it's a much better bet. (You might also have considered one of the subcategories of this cat, if appropriate. Or you might have applied for the Business and Economy category of a lower level than United Kingdom.)

General advice for other submitters: The fastest way to get listed is to submit to the lowest applicable category. There's no shame to being listed on a city rather than national level in Regional, for example. Microsoft is listed at Regional/North_America/United_States/Washington/Localities/R/Redmond/Business_and_Economy .

However, dear submitters, please just pick one subcategory - don't apply for city and county and regional, etc. That just slows things down for everyone. Read the category descriptions on several levels to see where your site will fit best.


Thanks for that, Valerie. So if I submit to 'Regional > Europe > United Kingdom > England > Bedfordshire > Bedford > Street > Building Number > Business and Economy > Computers > Software' I might get listed yeasterday /images/icons/wink.gif. Except all the way down the line an editor is needed. Ah well, patience is a virtue. Have a good one.


Mar 26, 2002
Southern England
1. You might want to change the url in your profile.
2. You are now listed in Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Business_and_Economy/Computers/Software .
3. You are also dual listed in Bedford/B&E/Computers as permitted by the UK guidelines.
4. I'm a nice guy /images/icons/smile.gif.


Darn jimnoble and his self-promotion in the forums...darn, darn, darn him...*wink*


Blimey! Thanks Jim. Very unexpected and delighted. I was going to say were I a woman you could have my babies. Then I checked my URL ... um, now it's highly appropriate. [For other readers, I inadvertantly dropped my partner's URL into the private contact details]

Now I should make an effort: to assist with the backlog, lets' see if I can cut it as an editor.

Many thanks once again. /images/icons/laugh.gif
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