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Site moves and reorganizations


Mar 8, 2004
(No, not this site or DMOZ, as far as I know.)

Every once in a while, a site we consider a good resource decides to move all their pages around. Then we have to scramble to find new locations for all the pages of interest.

Some examples include:

-http://www.rollingstone.com (over 1300 pages moved)
I'm actually not familiar with this reorganization -- I'm summarizing what I observed in the live directory after reading some notes in the internal fora, which I can't repeat here.

-http://www.tvtome.com moved to -http://www.tv.com
TV Tome was acquired by CNET and most of structure was moved, but not all of the content. If anyone sees a listing for either site which doesn't seem worth the electrons, please let us know, either by submitting an update request (see How to submit updates), or in the Report Hijacks, Dead Links, Inappropriate Curlie Content, and other issues here ONLY thread.

-http://*.state.mo.us moved to -http://+.mo.gov (103 listings moved -- I know, because I moved most of them)
The Missouri (United States) government site decided to reorganize. Unfortunately, some of the "*"s were names of the divisions and the "+"s were initials of the corresponding Department, so I had to look at each page to see where the new page might be.

If you notice any "major site" (that is, sites we consider "major") reorganizations, you may also report them to us in the Report Hijacks, etc. thread.

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