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Site Inclusion Problem. Please help.

I have submitted my site to Business: Financial Services: Loans several times during the past 8 months. I have not been added. I emailed the editors about a month ago with no reply from them. Granted, my site uses affiliate links, but I am adding new content all the time since I am a "Bad credit" resource. I have a new section called "consumer tips" with related articles and advice. This column continues to grow. I would really like some help or advice on getting added to the directory. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Mar 1, 2002
We don't list sites that consist of primarily affiliate content. While we don't mind listing sites that have a lot of content and a couple of affiliate links, if your site is primarily composed of affiliate links - as yours is - with a little content thrown in, then it's not going to be listed. Out of the twelve links (not counting the "contact us" link) to further pages on your site, only two point to real content, while 10 point to affiliate links.

Until your content/affiliate link ratio changes so that you have a lot more content than affiliate links, your site will not be added to the directory.


Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
Another point about affiliate content: if the content that makes a site relevant to a category is affiliate, then it doesn't matter how much other content it has. That site is not listable there.

For example: in a category called "Loan Services", a site has 20,000 pages of unique information about loan service providers, but the only way a user can actually get Loan_Services from that site is to follow a link off-site, then that site is not a Loan_Services site! And it doesn't even matter if the off-site links AREN'T affiliate-tagged -- remember, we don't care about your business model, we care about our information flow model.

Such a site might be considered for listing under Consumer Information because of all that other content, but NEVER under Loan Services.
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