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Should I submit it again?

I would be extremely grateful if someone could let me know what the likely time span is for an editor to review a site submitted to the following category: https://curlie.org/Shopping/Health/Pharmacy/Viagra/
I submitted my site (viagra-online.biz) just before Christmas. Should I submit it again?

Best regards from across the pond.


No your site is an affiliate of usaprescription.com. Our guidelines state that affiliate sites are not to be listed, thus your site is contrary to our guidelines.

As both the editor of said category and a meta editor, I am going to great lengths to ensure that said policy is enforced. If you find sites that do not belong please do not hesitate to contact me about them so I can look at them in greater detail.

No affiliates here!

I also hate bugging Dmoz, but my sites (designer) never appear to get in for many months if ever. And I don't want to resubmit and bug anybody. Here are 2 examples:


Website: http://www.JamestowneVillage.com
Descrip: Alexandria Virginia Apartments and Townhomes



URL: www.ido-diamonds.com
Title: "I Do" Diamonds
Descrip- Offers certified loose diamonds and engagement ring jewelry .

You guys rock, I wish I could help but my email @yahoo.com I think is what is getting me kicked off in my editor applications.



Feb 28, 2002
FTR, @yahoo.com as an email address is not grounds for auto rejection of new apps. If it was, I wouldn't have been accepted.


Mar 25, 2002
Yorkshire, UK
To further that point, we do not discriminate against email addresses (I use a Hotmail account, for example) unless they're on our list of known spammers. And to get on that you really do have to send us a lot of spam (30+ inappropriate sites as a rough estimate)

Hey guys, thanks for all the replies.

Great to hear about the real estate being next in line for review. (didn't understand the "2 sites of yours" comment)

As for the diamonds. What do you mean there is no "shopping". Yes you can't enter a credit card and and buy a diamond, but only like 2 out of the 30 sites you have listed do that. Diamonds require more of a personal sell and that is why there is an 800 phone number and a quick request form for people to allow our personal reps to use their skills to make a recommendation on the perfect diamond for that person. Oh well. People "buy" diamonds from that site frequently, so I don't know how you can buy without "shopping". Hopefully somebody will reconsider since this is the "place to be".
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