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Sharing some love for Curlie


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May 28, 2021
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Oh boy am I happy to find Curlie! I've been getting rather frustrated lately in that the web has become a boring dystopic waste land of corporate wannabe's, and all of the personal flavor that was supposed to make the WWW fun is being lost.
We all knew AOL wasn't the benevolent dictator it pretended to be, and DMOZ's demise was tragic and inevitable.

Alone on the web, trying to use Google to find anything interesting is pointless these days. It is essentially just a yellow pages listing now, and there is very little personal or beautiful works of websites to be found through there.

As an Editor I want to help invigorate the community, meet some other editors and lets build up this excitement together. Are there Pub nights? Or Community chats? or Work-bees?

Looking forward to getting my hands dirty.

Billy B aka WillyWylieWoo
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