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Searching URL submission progress

I propose a feature where submitters can check their URLs progress. Wouldn't this be a great feature. It would stop people doing multiple submissions if they are rejected.

I put in my URL a couple of months ago www.fitforsummer.com and it hasn't been listed. I have submitted it again but am worried that the editor will have 2 submissions in his/her queue and I will be blacklisted. So such a feature would stop this.

Any body else think this is a good idea?


Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
First, submitting twice to the same category won't get you blacklisted, although the editor will probably sign or sneer at you. (Just two submittals hardly rates even that--just another bump-and-click at the old salt mine.) But there's no point to it, unless you like mildly irritating editors.

Second, your claim that such a feature would prevent multiple submissions betrays an, um, naivete that is astonishing to those of us who deal with multiple submissions. Fact is, creators of most of the multiple submissions (which is not the same as "most creators of multiple submissions", note well) can't be deterred by anything short of gross physical violence. Trust me. We've tried. And at this point I think that there is a certain amount of reluctance to make internal ODP communications of any kind openly available. We know, for instance, that the most malicious and deceptive spammers try to get information like this, to redesign their abusive submission programs to avoid kinds of detection that they know we can do automatically.--and I'm not sure that the information you want couldn't be used to advantage bu such people.

Third, the ODP has a small technical staff. Well, I really don't know how small he is, but he can hold "technical staff meetings" in a phone booth or shower, whichever is more convenient. Variations of this idea have been floated before as technical enhancements (it may be a good idea), but I suspect it is not a high-priority idea.


Mar 25, 2002
Yorkshire, UK
By the way, I checked the log for your site, and it has no entry. This either means you submitted it under another URL, or it has yet to be picked up by an editor. As a result, I'd advise you to submit again.


Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
>>As a result, I'd advise you to submit again.


I'd have given exactly the opposite advice. "The site hasn't been reviewed yet.
So there's no need to submit again. It's still waiting."

Now, if it HAD been rejected, for some invalid or questionable reason, there would
be reason to resubmit, perhaps after improving navigation so that the unique content
was clearly visible.

But in the circumstances as described (you submitted, it hasn't been processed) submitting
again will just generate a "duplicate submission" to be deleted.
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