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Search Broken?


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Oct 18, 2020
It looks like the search facility is broken on Curlie. Whatever I try to search, it returns an empty result even when googling for the term limiting it to search only on Curlie via the "site:" operator returns lots of results. I'm using Firefox.


Curlie Admin
RZ Admin
Sep 15, 2004
Hi, our search has always been a little strange, as basically designed as an aid for editors and not as a competitor to Google, Bing, et al. It works for me in Firefox at the moment. :)
Note that if you are using a browser extension, I suspect many haven't been updated for some time now (many were created by DMOZ editors who are resting).

This help document explains some of the problems you may be having: Curlie - Search: FAQ (note that the RDF isn't yet being generated on Curlie, and our search database lags behind the live directory)
I'm not sure that our "Search Help" pages are up to date, so the instructions for an advanced search will probably fail to operate as expected. :confused:
So using Google with the site:curlie.org operator is probably the best solution if you are looking for something specific...
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