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Robozilla at my site but no ODP link.

I submitted my site to the ODP about a month ago. To my knowledge I am not listed in any cat I can find. I also tried the search. No listing. Robozilla visited me yesterday. From what I understand, which isn't much /images/icons/wink.gif, Robozilla only searches ODP sites looking for dead links. Am I listed? If so where. Does Robozilla test links before adding them to the directory?


I submitted www.golistenlive.net. I believe I submitted it to:

Top: Arts: Music: Directories: Musician Resources

Of course it was a month ago and I had a lot of deliberation over what cat to put it in. It might have been another I don't know 100%.

The site was deleted from unreviewed in Arts/Music/Concerts_and_Events.

When I looked at the site, most of the music categories have no listings, and every calendar link I clicked on was empty. I would advise you to build up your content and then re-submit. (And also try to program the calendar so empty links aren't live.)

I want to submit the articles but under style guidelines it states that deep linking is not the norm. The articles section should have sufficient content for inclusion. Let me know if I am incorrect.


Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
If the main actual content is articles, and your site navigation allows the articles to be readily visible from the home page, then you can submit the main site to a category for which most of the articles are relevant. Then concentrate on building the rest of the site out around that topic. Focus is the key to a successful small site--not just in the directories, but for users also.
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