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Resubmit to another category? It has been 8 month

First of all, thank you for creating this forum. It is nice to see how well people are treated and how speedy it is.

I have a question about how I should try to get our site listed. We have been aiming to get listed as a “shopping” site for approximately 8 months now (Shopping: Crafts: Supplies). We have only submitted 3 times in those 8 months. From what I have picked up here, I may have made a mistake by submitting to the “Shopping” category. My understanding is that the category has a large backlog. Would it make more sense to submit to another category? The category of “Business: Industries: Wholesale: Craft Supplies” is just as appropriate as the “Shopping” one for my site. In fact it may be a more appropriate category in the eyes of some. Either one would work well. I would appreciate some feedback and/or ideas on whether I should try something new, sit and wait for who knows how long, or any good ideas that may help us get listed.
Thank you. My site is www.createforless.com



Mar 28, 2002
Seems that your site was forwarded from Shopping to Wholesale on 8/8/01, and then later submissions deleted in September, January, and February by the same Shopping editor, with a note that it was still waiting in Wholesale... today it was bumped out of unreviewed and finally published. Seems that Wholesale is staler than the Shopping category.

Thank you for doing the detective work.
I appreciate it very much.
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