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Important Request: Please use descriptive thread titles

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Please could people posting to this board briefly consider the following before posting new threads.

Please try to be slightly more descriptive when typing a title for a new thread. I find titles like 'Submission' and 'Help' aren't particularly useful. They don't give any indication of what the real issue is about, or what part of the directory the issue might relate to. Many editors have specific interests in certain branches of ODP, and may in certain circumstances be able to give a more complete answer than others. Not everyone has enough time to read every thread 'just in case'. 'Why not listed under Elbonia?' is more likely to be seen and read by an Elbonian editor than 'Why not listed?' in amongst a page of 'not listed yet' threads.

Thanks :).

Good idea. Some people might skip over non-specific subjects or not know what they are about.

I think the moderators can change thread titles. Perhaps they'll do that to keep things more informative.


What is a good name for a thread? Let me give you the following directions:
- every word in the name should contribute to enabling the reader to make a decision whether or not this is for him/her
- think of the following aspects when creating a name:
1. the subject, what is it about?
2. the goal, what will the information allow me to do?
3. the conditions, when is this information relevant?
4. the reader, for who is this information meant?
the name may include one or more of the aspects mentioned above
- a name should be clear: not too general so that I can explain it in several ways, not too specific that I think it is not meant for me (while it is)
- coming up with a name is hard work. People tend to give up to easily and stick to something that comes close

Sorry for sounding like a father ;)
Not open for further replies.
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