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May 29, 2005
In http://www.dmoz.com/Recreation/Travel/Specialty_Travel/Spas/Guides_and_Directories/

Royal Spas Of Europe http://www.royal-spas.net/englisch/ has an error from the hyperlink, however
http://www.royal-spas.net works as the intro page that gives choice of English or German

In http://www.dmoz.com/Recreation/Travel/Specialty_Travel/Spas/North_America/Canada/:

Beaux Reves Auberge and Spa - Quebec - http://www.beauxreves.com/spa.html doesn't work but http://www.beauxreves.com will.
Also in the same category:
Mountain Trek - http://winterincanada.com/ not working

In http://www.dmoz.com/Recreation/Travel/Specialty_Travel/Spas/Europe/

Please forgive me on this one if I didn't understand the language guidlelines, but I thought this one might go in a Spanish language category. I looked for an "English" button/hyperlink, but could not find on. The description is in English though?
Balneario de Lugo in Spain - http://www.lugonet.com

Same category:
Ragdale Hall Health Hydro - The description for this one seems a bit "promotional": Set in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside, Ragdale Hall combines state of the art facilities with the charm of traditional Victorian architecture to create one of the most luxurious and relaxing health resorts in the country.

I hope this is helpful and not annoying. This is one of my favorite categories to hang out in because just visiting the sites de-stresses me (though I wish it could be the spas themselves). ;)



Jun 15, 2005
Spammer Report

Hello, I would like to report the site http://www.ferries.gr for spamming ODP.

1. Category: https://curlie.org/Recreation/Travel/Specialty_Travel/Cruises/Travel_Agents/Europe/

Site: http://www.cruisesingreece.com/ is a mirror site of http://www.ferries.gr/ and its URL http://www.ferries.gr/cruises/

2. Category: https://curlie.org/Business/Transportation_and_Logistics/Maritime/Ship_Owners_and_Management/Ferries/Europe/

Site: http://www.ferries.gr/Strintzis/

The maritime company <Strintzis> has been renamed to <Blue Star Ferries> and the above URL is used as just an affiliate service. The old website of Strintzis was http://www.strintzis.gr but now it is available at http://www.bluestarferries.gr/

3. Category: https://curlie.org/Regional/Europe/Italy/Transportation/

Site: http://www.ferries.gr/Strintzis/

The same with #2 happens here...

4. https://curlie.org/Regional/Europe/Albania/Localities/Durres/Transportation/

Site: http://www.ferries.gr/ventouris/bari-durres.htm

The official website of <Ventouris Lines> with this information related to Albania is available at http://www.ventouris.gr/italy_albania.html. The site ferries.gr is just an affiliate/reseller.

5. Category: https://curlie.org/Regional/Europe/Greece/Transportation/Maritime/Sea_Lines/Ferries/

Site: http://www.ferries.gr/

The site belongs to a local travel agent, located in a Greek island and is NOT a maritime company or owns any ferries.

FYI the site http://www.ferries.gr is spamming ODP in order to take advantage of the search engines and has succeeded indeed for the last few years... I hope you will do something to prevent this from happening again by the same travel agent. Thank you.


Jun 15, 2005
1. Category: https://curlie.org/Regional/Europe/Greece/Travel_and_Tourism/Travel_Guides/

Site: http://web.inter.nl.net/users/SAILING_Greece/greek.html

The site is a mirror of http://www.sailingissues.com.

2. Category: https://curlie.org/Regional/Europe/Greece/Recreation_and_Sports/Boating/

Site: http://www.sailingissues.com

The title of the site should be <SailingIssues> without the keyword Greece as you read on the home page.

As you can see at http://search.dmoz.org/cgi-bin/search?search=sailingissues.com this site has also 3 other deep links listed, so please verify them as well.


Curlie Meta
Nov 24, 2003
Because Home/Cooking is a collection of links to recipes organised by type of recipe. This often necessitates deeplinking - as many websites containing recipes are not specifically about 1 type of recipe. :)
Jan 22, 2005
Seems a strange thing to have and a waste of resources. What you end up having are categories which are just site maps for the sites listed.
Would make more sense to just place sites like this in
Top: Home: Cooking: Recipe Collections


Curlie Meta
Mar 23, 2002
At the time that seemed like a good idea -- site maps for reference-type sources were more common than they are now. Some site maps aren't likely (IMO) ever to go away (Catholic Encyclopedia). Others may yet go. But currently we're still deeplinking recipes, both for old sites and for new sites that provide unique recipes.


Jul 12, 2004
Dead links and things.

Hi. Whilst checking to see if a site had been listed I noticed some dead links and things on the following cats... https://curlie.org/Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Business_and_Economy/Event_Planning/

Arena Hospitality - http://www.arena-hospitality.com/ - Under construction.

Aston Pierpoint Ltd - http://www.astonpierpoint.com/index1.html - Dead link.

ClearWater Travel - http://www.clearwatertravel.uk2k.net/ - Dead link.

Innovation Event Management Ltd - http://www.iem.uk.com/ - Dead link.

IQPC - http://www.iqpc.co.uk - redirects to http://www.iqpc.co.uk/cgi-bin/templates/single.html?topic=223

Lewis Live Ltd. - http://www.lewislive.co.uk/ - redirects to http://www.lewislive.co.uk/portal/index.php?content_id=8

Theme and Design Co - http://www.themenightspecialist.co.uk - Redirects to http://www.theme-design.co.uk/theme.asp

Toastmaster - http://www.toastmaster-uk.bigstep.com/ - Not event planning.

and https://curlie.org/Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Business_and_Economy/Event_Planning/Management_Companies/

Subject Matters - http://www.subjectmatters.co.uk/ - Under construction.

Stagitalia.com - http://www.Stagitalia.com - redirects to a URL already listed. (Hijack?)
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