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Curlie Meta
Oct 8, 2002
I checked the mentioned websites and taken care of them when needed.
But could not find Zorb as a listed website
Aug 30, 2006
Wow that was fast. I ment Zobe not Zorb.

Any chance you could add both 321 Chats to the adult category since you're editing it anyway? I submitted one a week or two ago and am about to submit the other one now.
Aug 30, 2006


Not updated since 2010 and chat no longer works.
Chat page: http://www.teenchat.mobi/chat.html
With broken chatlink:

Be "Ween" Talk - http://betweentalk.com/
1)Last article /update is from 2013. 2) No Chat

IntrepidEntertainment - http://www.intrepidentertainment.co.uk/
1)Archived Forum (NOT ACTIVE / no one can post) last post 2009

CurvedSpace - http://www.cspacezone.com/
1) No longer has chat rooms, 2) Last 20 posts brings you back to 2014. 3) facebook comments left were 2015, then 2013.

[adult site]
1) The entire "tribe" domain has been down for 5 months according to their twitter account. Twitter <Url removed>. 2) If the main domain has been down for 5 months the subdomain is probably dead by now.
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