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Important Report Hijacks, Dead Links, Inappropriate Directory Content, and other issues here ONLY


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Sep 15, 2004
Curlie has a general policy for content that it will and won't list at Curlie - Site Selection Criteria

There are various types of sites allowed (sometimes only in specific areas), and the description of these is at Curlie - Editorial Guidelines - Site Specific Guidelines

I mention the above links to help you decide if you've spotted something which doesn't belong.

Some sites (often companies) change their content over the years and the descriptions and category locations have not kept up with the changes. Point us to those listings, and we'll re-review the site.

Some sites are blatant, money-making HIJACKS. Someone's domain expires and is snapped up by those who are trying to get people to visit casinos, porn sites, auction, "distance learning" sites, shady pseudo-medical sites, a nice-looking PPC (pay-per-click) directory or whatever else can make someone a few cents or bucks. Sometimes the intent is just linking trickery hoping to get Google to make a site jump to the top for some term or phrase. In any case, we want to know about all of these HIJACKS - especially those which are PORN in a non-adult area of the directory.

Sometimes a company buys the URLs of other companies (or even non-related URLs) and then redirects you to or mirrors their site. This is a type of directory abuse typically practiced by those wanting multiple listings - although it could be entirely inadvertent. Tell us about any MIRRORS you see and we'll re-review those sites as soon as possible.

Finally, there is the ol' BAIT AND SWITCH. Site owner gets listed, says "yippee," and then goes and changes the some or all of the content to something unacceptable. Others are sneakier and decide to serve up some "nice and appropriate" page for those coming from curlie.org (who are often editors) but a "cruddy and otherwise inappropriate" page to everyone else, the public. We want to know if you ever find any sites like these.

You can report DEAD DOMAINS here as well as those which seem to be placeholder pages ("Coming soon!") since they're likely candidates for hijacking.

Note: This Resource-Zone "service" should be considered as an extension to the native Curlie URL Flag system, in which members of the public can directly flag an inappropriate listing for review :update-flag:

(this thread renewed as the original became non-editable)
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