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Remove search result

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New Member
Sep 8, 2012
On own request I had removed succesfully an URL:

<url removed>

from directory:
World: Nederlands: Kunst: Schilderkunst: Kunstschilders: Abstract

But now for months it still shows on key words a search result:

<search query removed>

I want it to get removed because the category is simply not corresponding my type of art making/art discipline. I'm simply not an art painter
That's why I had to removed it anyway.
It's bothering me now for a while so.

Several editors I have contacted but they have no solution or are not responding at all.
Who please can help me with this and can remove this search result on dmoz?



Mar 26, 2002
Southern England
It's a bug in our search that removed listings still show up in its results. AOL's engineers, who are the only people with the permissions to fix it, are aware of this long standing issue and will no doubt correct it in time. We can't predict when that might be.

There's little or no point in asking editors to do something about it because they can't.
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New Member
Sep 8, 2012
Thanks for the reply.

So I understand there is simply nobody directly to resolve this?
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Curlie Meta
Apr 30, 2002
Yes. While we would like the search to display proper results, there is currently nothing we can do about it.
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New Member
Sep 8, 2012
Besides, is there somebody who can edit my first post because I just see that I can't.

Who I have to contact to remove some things in my first post?
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Curlie Admin
RZ Admin
Sep 15, 2004
That's the problem with search engines - I removed the site specific information from the post, but I'll bet it's still available somewhere... :mellow: