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Re-suggestion after review?...


Dec 2, 2010
Debatable Lands, Cumbria UK
Hi there... just a quick query or two:

Is it usual practice for a site suggestion to be removed/deleted once a editor has reviewed it?

If so (understanding it would be impossible for a 'suggester' know for sure if it had been deleted), is it then reasonable to re-suggest it?

The reason I ask is that a site I suggested was visited by an editor but not added to the directory, whilst a number of other (US) sites were. I think I first suggested it around 8 or 9 years ago and then again maybe 3 years ago following advice here. My suggestion is a pretty good company site (also very informative with a great many technical information pages which other equivalent sites lack) which meets guidelines but has the apparent disadvantage of being UK focused rather than US.

I noticed from my stats that it had been visited from a link on DMOZ, which could only have been from my suggestion, but only the home page was viewed (sure, I absolutely understand that editors much have a lot of suggestions to get through), so sadly the interesting parts of the site were never even seen.

In light of this, would it be reasonable to re-suggest a site in the hope that it might be reviewed more fully next time?..
.. or would it be wiser to do nothing in the hope that it hasn't been deleted from the suggestion list and might be revisited?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.



Curlie Admin
RZ Admin
Sep 15, 2004
Nope, we keep suggestions until reviewed, which means if the site doesn't fit the category, the suggestion is moved, not deleted.
However, since most editors can only edit areas of the directory, often the same editor can't move and publish the suggestion - so it then waits for the next...
How to get your site listed... tries to explain... {moz}


Curlie Meta
Aug 19, 2003
You can't draw any conclusions from a stat referall from dmoz. Many situations could lead to a link being clicked, not only in evaluating purposes.

Generally I (and perhaps other editors) tend to visit sites from a non-referall link when evaluating, to avoid confusing webmasters like you...
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