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Problem Updating Url

For over 45 days I have tried to update my url. I have submitted my updates, and written to the editor that handles the section I’m listed in. Can anyone suggest any other ideas? This is rather frustrating and I am out of ideas.

Current category listing :Shopping > Clothing > Undergarments > Lingerie > Exotic


Mar 25, 2002
Two ideas:

1) Work your way up the category tree. If the editor in the category in question is not active (not every listed editor still works in the ODP, it takes some time before their account "times out") or is not responsive, then try an email to the editor in a parent category.

2) Post the name of the category here; there are many editors here who could take a look to see if there is a problem, and perhaps accept one of the update submissions.

Hope this helps -- Foe


Mar 8, 2002
Hi, I have checked the category you indicate and all URL updates have now been processed. You can check the category at https://curlie.org/Shopping/Clothing/Undergarments/Lingerie/Exotic/ to see if this has occured. It may take a few hours from now for the public page to update. Be aware that the update will take longer to appear using other sources, such as Google. If you do not see your site updated at the location listed above, please resubmit your request using the update form.

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