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Page Ranking and DMOZ


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Jun 12, 2019
New Jersey
I arrived here because I have decided to resurrect my blogging joy. As I checked the page ranks on my blogs I noticed that I never submitted them to DMOZ and have arrived here to hopefully begin the process? Thanks for your help.


Mar 8, 2004
DMOZ is no more. Curlie.org is the new site maintained by the same editors.

In my opinion, if the blogs are on unrelated topics, you may locate the appropriate topic(s), and suggest them using appropriate description(s). If you do this, please mention your other blogs in each suggestion. If you do not, and the reviewing editor discovers them, your suggestions are much less likely to be accepted.

Some editors feel that our guidelines state that you should suggest only one site, perhaps an index of your blogs, and we decide how many of the individual blogs get listed; if such an editor reviews your blogs, they might all get dumped.

Perhaps you should suggest only one of your blogs, and mention the others in one of the comment fields.

See also Important - How to get your site listed FOUR times faster! among the important threads in this forum.
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