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Outdated description; can it be changed?

Reuring Festival

New Member
May 11, 2017
Dear Dmoz editor,

Dmoz.org has stopped, but the content is still online. Our site is listed but the description is outdated.
GOOGLE returns this description in their search results. How can I get this changed?

In the description the start day of the festival is mentioned and this information no longer applies.
It's confusing for everybody.

current description
Internationaal zomerfestival in Purmerend, start de 4e dinsdag van de maand juni.

Internationaal zomerfestival in Purmerend

We would much obliged,

Ariane van Pelt
Reuring Festival
Purmerend, The Netherlands


Curlie Meta
Aug 19, 2003
You can use the NOODP-metatag to prevent google to use the description.

When a replacement for dmoz is in place you may suggest a change to the description.
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