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Outdated Company Information

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Sep 13, 2016
Hello. I would like to update our company information because some of our descriptions are coming up in search results and it has outdated company information. The person who set up the account in DMOZ is no longer with the company, and we don't have the login credentials of that account.

A li'l help?


Jason Katzwinkel
<email address removed for your privacy>
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Curlie Meta
Oct 31, 2006
You can request an update to the site, by navigating to the listing. Over to the far right you will see that a flag pops up. Click and follow the directions from there. Note that editors will review the site at some time, and if the current description does not reflect what is found on the website, it will be changed. There is no login required for the general public to request a change. Nor to suggest a site.
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