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One site, multiple category.

I was the owner of free email guide @ http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Vista/8015/free.html
Geocities has closed this site a few months ago so I've recreated my site @ http://www.freemailguide.com
It is about free communication services and this topic has a few categories on dmoz. But most of the categoires has no editors:(
I've submitted my site to dmoz a few weeks ago and now I realized that my site isn't listed?! I wondered why?
Here are the sites and categories I submitted...
Site: http://www.freemailguide.com/free_email_redirection.html
Category: https://curlie.org/Computers/Internet/E-mail/Free/Forwarding/Directories_and_Guides/
Site: http://www.freemailguide.com/
Category: https://curlie.org/Computers/Internet/E-mail/Free/Directories_and_Guides/
Site: http://www.freemailguide.com/free_pop3_email.html
Category: It is accepted! (The only accepted site which has a category editor!)
Site: http://www.freemailguide.com/free_money/free_money.html
Category: https://curlie.org/Computers/Internet/WWW/Free_Stuff/Surfer_Rewards/Resources/

and so on...
All these site hava one common! They do not have an editor!? So what should I do to include my sites in dmoz?

And what about if there is no suitable category? For example http://www.freemailguide.com/free_sms.html includes free sms service providers but I couldn't find a suitable category! I think a category must be created under free stuff also since it is getting very popular ...
Well hope some of you may help to include my pages into the directory...
ayhan @ http://www.freemailguide.com


Your site is in unreviewed where you submitted it. There's no need to do anything else - just wait for an editor familiar with this area to check the unreviewed sites.

To all submitters - in most cases you should only submit the base URL (mydomain.com), unless you have several entirely different sites on one domain. Entirely different means, for example, one site on cooking and one on archaeology, etc.
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