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On-line shopping boutique with no place to go?

I'm willing to offer a handsome reward to anyone who can help us successfully get listed in DMOZ � we'd submitted the categories we thought most appropriate but alas we have fallen through the cracks of the DMOZ juggernaut.

Below is a description of our store. Over the last 6 months we have submitted to
---- Shopping:Retailers
---- Shopping:Clothing:Women's
---- Shopping:Sports:Fitness:Apparel
---- Shopping:Sports:Health
---- Shopping: Health: Beauty: Bath and Body
---- Shopping: Niche: Vegan

All failed attempts. The only assumed answer, since until this forum has been created we have had no feedback, is that either editors have found us
---- not big enough to fit in as a general retailer
---- not focused enough to fit in specific departments

If anyone has any advice we would certainly appreciate it.

Thanks, Steve

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Mar 26, 2002
The only advice I can give is to choose the "one" most relevant category and submit your site there. The nice thing about DMOZ is that you cannot “buy” your way in. They have a completely level playing field.
I believe in the future the general public is going to get tired of the irrelevant search results I have been finding lately just because someone “bid” the most for a keyword. The quality of search results is going down-hill very fast in my opinion and I believe we will see a big turn around in the next couple of years. The pay-per-click is really getting out of hand!

My 2-cents,
Dave S.


Curlie Meta
Mar 7, 2002
Please understand that there are over 5500 sites waiting for review in the Shopping/Clothing tree.

Shopping as a whole has a higher than usual queue of unreviewed submissions because - as you've just shown - submitters for this area are overzealous in the number of categories they submit their site to. It is better to pick *one* subcategory that best fits what your site includes, submit there, and wait your turn like everyone else. I personally am still working my way through the accumulation of sites submitted during Christmas retail season (Sept-Jan), in addition to my meta duties. More submissions = more work. More submissions do not necessarily mean you'll get added faster.

Bribes are most certainly the way to get your site banned from being listed completely.

Two points of clarification:

1) I was just kidding about paying for help...sorry if this was misconstrued.

2) I submitted to DMOZ over 6 months ago. Each submission had about a 2 month spacing.

DMOZ has never communicated with me as to whether I was in queue or denied for a category. Although it implies I should expect something.

I read the material DMOZ provides and IMHO played by the "rules", yet I feel I'm being criticized in this forum.

I came to the forum looking for help in categorizing my site.

Would you have a suggestion as to which subcategory best fits our site?

vscout - Bribes are considered a very serious issue at ODP - editors are instructed to forward them directly to staff, and are quickly removed if they take any. The first time I read your statement, I did think you were serious - then again, I suspect the fact that sarcasm doesn't translate well to print gets a lot of people in trouble (including me.) /images/icons/wink.gif

I don't edit in Shopping/ at all, but looking at your site as a consumer, I would suggest Shopping/Niche/Green_Living/ , as the terminology list indicates that the products are environmentally friendly, but not all are totally vegan.

Thanks I had not seen the catagory: Shopping/Niche/Green_Living/ before.

Although 99.9% of our products are vegan and we provide ingredients our target market is larger than vegans.

The Green Living would work well, although the best would be a general retail listing.

Thanks for the help.
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