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Old towns, newly charted


Curlie Admin
Curlie Admin
Mar 29, 2004
The Regional section of the ODP, and their equivalents in different languages in the World section, are amazing places, where major businesses and international attractions can sit right next to the local school district and hair salon. This is especially true for the smaller localities that haven't collected enough sites to be subdivided by topic. And then there's the localities that haven't collected any websites yet. Well, we're working on that :D .
New locality categories are being added all the time. Examples are Lower Macungie in the Pennsylvania, and Oostvoorne in the Netherlands. Many more are waiting to be created. Know of a small town in your area that doesn't appear in the Open Directory yet? Collect a few sites and send them our way (you can use the "Suggest URL" link from the geographical entity that's one level higher in the hierarchy) - or if you feel especially ambitious, you could apply to become an ODP editor, with that locality as your first category.
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