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ODP Attribution


Could you help me on one thing. I wish to use ODP data on my site. Regarding the attribution, would it be deemed proper to provide acknowledgement using the Lycos style.

Check up http://dir.lycos.com/Recreation/Travel/

The difference being that there is no link to the "categories" or "submit a site".

Would it be alright to do it this way.

I have already read the attribution section on the Dmoz site.

Any help would be much appreciated and thanking you for your time.


Mar 25, 2002
Yorkshire, UK
Bear in mind that Lycos is using data that is nearly a year old (from what I can tell from my profile there). dlugan says he is a new editor on his...

Actually forget what I said - the data is relatively recent, but the profiles are rather outdated.


Curlie Meta
Mar 26, 2002
That's because we stopped providing profiles in the RDF.

Lycos was one of the first users of the data and the license back then was different. I don't know if they were required to update to the newer (present) version of the license. And that's more of a legal question that I couldn't answer and shouldn't be concerned with anyway.

But I can advise that the current version of the license is the one that all new data users need to comply with.


Apr 2, 2002
the RDF contains the names of the editors for given categories. Google parses them and turns them into links to the dmoz profiles.
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